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At first I thought it was gonna be bad, but damn I couldn't stop laughing by the second time he was calling XD Good job man.

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Kardren responds:

Thanks For The Feedback, but the real credit goes to my friend johnny. he's good at voice impressions.

Not bad, it was rather dry though. The artsyle is very nice and was smooth.

the animation is done very well, but it is rather short.

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how do I shoot?

this game feel like home in a weird way

There's no information on how to play, even though it's just clicking, and it's not very well done at all.
It's playable though.

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I commented on your post on facebook about how I think you could end this.
The beat is sounding really nice but the bass is just a bit murky. If you know how to side chain I suggest side chaing out the 0hz-100hz on the bass every time the kick hits, the kick will bang in alot more. If you are already doing this than I suggest taking out some lower mids on the bass the help the knock part of the kick come out more.

Last but not least I think the bass is perfect until that weird pitch up thing near the end of the pattern. It's not bad, just sounds weird. Maybe ou could improve it somehow, but if not it doesn't really ruin anything.

this bumps all my fives

tehslaphappy responds:

ayyyy it's ya boy 55555

Everything about this song is near perfect but there is one thing, I feel like this song is very empty due to the lack of drums. Even if it was just a kick drum every so often.

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Troisnyx responds:

Thanks -- perchance a bodhrán beat might add to the atmosphere. I'm trying to visualise it in my head, and I'll admit that it's growing on me a little bit.

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I fucking love it. Thank you for you work!
Although It would be nice if there was more texture in some places

I'm so in love with this it's unreal.

MrLaggyBoy responds:

It's tecnically real and theoretically unreal. Thanks for lovin' my art n.n

I make music, the music I make is unique just like myself. I express myself in strange ways and don't fit into anything, but that's the way I like it. While most people are shaping themselves to fit into the world, I'm shaping the world to fit around me.

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